Is Your Child a Picky Eater????


Most of the moms have this common complaint about their child’s picky eating. The only solution to this can be offering your picky eaters with wide variety of foods. While this may sound great, the reality for busy families is that often there isn’t time for trial and error. If you are frustrated, with trying to make sure your picky eater is getting all the nutrients he or she needs, something you all will have to be clear about is: Nutrition is more than salads and green smoothies.

Teaching children about “how to eat?” is more important than any. My talk about “how to eat?” has nothing to do with handling forks and spoons but how to eat in response to hunger and our body’s nutritional needs, not external cues. Dinner time at your dining table would be the best place for “how to eat?” classes. Sit with them and start talking about how hungry you are and how you know you’re hungry. Make them know about what exactly made you understand that you are hungry. Is it because it’s 9 p.m.? Is it because you smelled the biryani from the restaurant down the street? Or, are you hungry because your stomach is growling? These dinner time discussions about feelings of hunger and fullness will really be helpful to children. Children will soon understand to listen to their bodies.

In this whole process of teaching your children there are few homework tasks that you will have to work on. It’s very important for you to make sure that you eliminate the distractions while eating, which can actually help you listen to your body more effectively. Few actions which can help you better eliminate the distractions are: Turning off the TV, clearing the table of homework. I understand the fact that expecting this from you every night would be little more impractical, but make an effort to model this when you can. Set a goal as a family for how many nights per week you can accomplish this. Focus on creating a positive environment around the dinner table.

Don’t ever try to complicate the food intake process of your child. Your long list of do’s and don’ts will end up making your child become more choosy. Categorizing food into every day and occasional makes much more sense than labeling food as good and bad. Make sure loads of veggies, fruits and lean proteins in a variety of forms are a part of your child’s daily diet sheet and give it an occasional twist with your kid’s favorites which can be cakes, muffins or chocolates.

Something which is definitely worth trying is involvement of kids in kitchen. When children see food, and take a vested interest in how it is prepared, they likely will be more willing to try it. Try making the preparation process as much interesting as possible to your kid. technology can help you grab your child’s interest. Make your weekend plans little healthier which will catalyze the process of stress boosting in you and energy boosting in your kids. Indiblaze is one of the best ideal destinations for your healthy outing plans. At Indiblaze, your picky eating child will defiantly end up picking something good, healthy and tasty.