Healthy Relationship with Food

“Who hasn’t unwrapped a sandwich while driving down the highway or pulled a hard U-turn into a fast-food joint on the way home from a late meeting? We practically live in our cars, so we need quick food, and please, would like it to be healthy. Well, here we are to help you out. From nutritious bowls and healthy salads to fresh whole grains and sensible desserts. Our recurring theme across the diets that excelled in healthiness is adequate calories supplied by a heavy load of vegetables, fruits and whole grains; a modest amount of lean protein, nonfat dairy and healthy fats; and an occasional treat. Plants are the foundation, and our menu is always built around minimally processed meals made from scratch.

A healthy diet doesn’t require a lot of money or newfangled appliances or subsisting on any kind of scheme that sounds like a gimmick. Eating well means listening to that little voice inside that knows what healthy foods generally look like – fresh and recognizable in nature.

It’s easy to get sucked into the lure of the restaurant menu when you’re hungry and everything looks good. But here in Indiblaze, even if it happens for you people to get carried away by your hunger, safe landing into a healthy meal is always promised. We make sure you’re also fitting in healthy fare like whole grains, fruit, veggies and nuts & seeds in the meal. We honor every customer with complete control over their choice in picking and preparing their own meal. We have been wining high marks for our commitment to organics, hormone- and antibiotic-free meats, and produce sourced from local suppliers.